Due to the heat-insulating properties of LUX ELEMENTS hard foam support elements, the warmth remains in the room and does not escape to the outside. Warmth generally has a positive effect on the maintenance of health, as it contributes to an atmosphere of wellbeing.

In times where environmental protection, energy saving and health are becoming increasingly important, we are particularly proud that our products can make a contribution to all three categories.

Haben Sie es gewu�t?

Can a nest be compared to our hard foam support element?

Yes, it can. Not without cause do we speak of warmth in conjunction with the feeling of family security, for example. A nest imparts a feeling of protective security and warmth. A bird’s nest is built such that it has insulation properties and keeps the temperature of the brood at a constant level. Only then can the young birds develop in a healthy way.

Likewise the hard foam support elements store warmth and therefore – as well as through their sustainable production - protect the environment. Future generations also benefit from this.