The fundamental business concept is to draw on our practical experiences and develop solutions suited to modern building design. By this, we mean:

  • easier
  • faster
  • cleaner
  • more reliable
  • more imaginative
  1. Polystyrene hard foam
  2. Contact mortar layer
  3. Glass fibre fabric
  4. Coating mortar layer

LUX ELEMENTS was founded in 1945 as the tile specialist Lux. Right from the very beginning, knowledge born of daily practical experience flowed into all new product developments and gave company founder Herbert Lux the idea for his trailblazing invention almost 30 years ago:


LUX ELEMENTS® - The original

LUX ELEMENTS® are polystyrene hard foam support elements with a dual-sided double mortar coating into which a stabilising glass fibre fabric is embedded – the perfect base for tiles and plasters.

True to our motto “Solutions for modern building design” the new generation of environmentally compatible hard foam support elements is more than just a construction panel in various thickness grades. It is a modern building material which, due to its excellent physical characteristics in combination with very good processing ability, creates freedom for planners, designers, craftsmen and companies who do not want to be limited by conventional methods.