Hard foam support elements contribute to cost saving in various ways. Not only the end users benefit from this, but also installers and trade. Shorter assembly times due to pre-fabricated components and fast drying times are an important aspect as well as the low disposal costs due to much less waste being created.

Finally, heating costs are also saved in the long term, thanks to the heat-insulting properties of the material.

Haben Sie es gewu�t?

Why do grapes and hard foam support elements have something in common?

Before the profit-yielding grape harvest can be brought in, the winegrower needs to invest in his vines. The cuttings and the high level of care required at the start are rewarded by a multitude of sweet grapes and excellent wines at the end of the maturing period.

The investment in hard foam support elements pay off by costs being saved in many ways during installation and later use. The difference is the effort required is lower than that required for wine growing.