design variety

design variety

Hard foam support elements are all-rounders when it comes to design. From straight construction panels for wall and floor over a large range of standardised products through to individual components, they cover innumerable design options. Round shapes can also be realised.

Whether straight steps, round bath tub surrounds, shower building kits or whole steam baths – LUX ELEMENTS hard foam support elements know no limits in shape or design.

Haben Sie es gewu�t?

What does a butterfly have in common with our hard foam support element?

A butterfly isn’t beautiful right from the beginning. The gay, brilliant colours and the elegant shape of its wings only emerge after the cocoon phase. Hard foam support elements may be used to design versatile shapes, but their shine and colours are only given by the surface finish with ceramics or plaster. Only then is the grey component transformed into an object of beauty.


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